Tuesday, September 26, 2023

About Us

Mission Statement

	This page is dedicated to playing Devil’s advocate.  This phrase is defined to mean, “a person who expresses a contentious opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of the opposing arguments.”  Oxford Dictionary.  Applied here this is an anonymous site designed to present contentious opinions.  As much as it is intended to provoke a debate and test strengths of opposing arguments if you feel that facts are misrepresented than you can comment and the writers, plural, will see if change, additions, or deletions are warranted.  

	It is also known in Urban Dictionary to mean, “[o]ne who argues against a cause or position, not as a committed opponent but simply for the sake of argument or to determine the validity of the cause or position.” A true devils advocate argues just for the sake of arguing.  Here the purpose is more altruistic, we are seeking justice.  By examining local Tulsa County Court cases it might be possible analyze the change necessary to reform the criminal justice arena.

	Tulsa is a microcosm of the United States.  There are plenty of good actors, that said the bad actors ruin the show for all of us.  By weeding out ‘bad apples’ the whole lot of us will be healthier and happier.  So tune in weekly while new articles are added and please if you have a suggestion write to us.

Why Local Journalism Matters.

	Recently Sixty Minutes did a news segment on the dying of the small news room.  Small town news networks are being purchased at an alarming rate by billion dollar hedge funds.  Once purchased the goal seems to be disassembling the investigative journalism departments.

	Tulsa is one such city wherein our own Tulsa World sold to Warren Buffets BH Media Group in 2013.  So what happens when the local leadership lacks accountability?  Last year seventy-first street in Tulsa experienced riots with little or no reporting.  Just last week Tulsa World noted that all categories of crime decreased during the pandemic.  Tulsa is lucky to have the Frontier to cover local issues but what happens when they do not pick up the story?

	Tulsa is as a city fighting police oversight in the Office of the Independent Monitor.  As pointed out by recent articles it has a serious police corruption issue as well as a District Attorney’s office that can not seem to tell the truth.  

	DA Kunzweiler is currently prosecuting a woman for ‘lying’ about abuse as well as prosecuting her husband for being an abuser in the Chico matter.  How can the DA not have an ethical conflict here.  The Supreme Court heard arguments in this case last week over whether the mother in that case was ever given notice of the order she is alleging violating.  DA Kunzweiler is literally calling the woman a liar but also her statements against her husband true.  It just does not make any sense.  What is worse is the bar association seems unwilling or unable to ever ‘punish’ the prosecutors office.  

	Last year, 2020, General Counsel Gina Hendricks gave a public reprimand to Tara Jack and refused to punish DA Kunzweiler or his first Assistant Eric Greyless for allowing hundreds if not thousands of tickets and cases to be negotiated by interns.  Most notably an intern put on a trial and was only discovered once judge and prosecutor were unable to confirm the interns bar number.

	So when is it ever going to matter?  DA Kunzweiler still employs ADA Nix who lied about being raped.  She admitted it to the jury.  So if I can let my intern do my job for me, if I can protect lying cops like Det. Darin Ehrenrich, and lying prosecutors, when do the voters ever get to say enough is enough.